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Perceiving Conflict

It sometimes happens that we perceive an interpersonal conflict is occurring when that isn’t really the case. This might be when we pick up an attitude, gesture, statement, body or facial language, or another cue that we interpret as offensive … Continue reading

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The Conflict Groan

Lots of things happen during the course of a dispute that may raise an internal groan in us. It may be because we say something we immediately regret; we hear a truth we hate to face; we observe a look … Continue reading

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Reconnecting when in Dispute

We often talk about the relationship breaking down when we are in a dispute and in fact, we do disconnect in many ways from the other person. We often lose connection with our own feelings and thoughts, too. It’s difficult … Continue reading

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Making Others Wrong

One of the things that sometimes happens when we are embroiled in an interpersonal conflict is that we perceive the differences between us as a matter of right and wrong. That is, that we are right and the other person … Continue reading

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Caring Grudges

One of the things that happens after interpersonal conflict is that some of us bear a grudge. We continue to hold onto negative feelings about the other person and may do so for a protracted period of time. We may … Continue reading

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