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CINERGY’s® founder Cinnie Noble is a lawyer-mediator, conflict management consultant and a certified coach who has effectively drawn on both fields of conflict management and coaching in the development of the CINERGY model. CINERGY provides one-on-one coaching and a range of conflict management coaching workshops worldwide.

Conflict Management Coaching

CINERGY has been providing one-on-one coaching worldwide since 1999. Individuals retain Cinnie and other trained coaches for the purpose of:

  • improving the way they engage in conflict;
  • managing a dispute before it escalates unnecessarily;
  • resolving a dispute that has already occurred; and
  • preparing to handle a conversation or situation that is anticipated to be contentious

Coaches meet clients in person, by telephone, by videophone, or by online communications. The number and duration of sessions vary, depending on each client’s unique objectives, skills, abilities, needs and the length of time required by clients to reach their identified goals.

Conflict Management Coaching Training

CINERGY has been conducting conflict management coaching workshops since 2001 and conducts them in countries such as Canada, U.S., Ireland, U.K., Australia, New Zealand, Turkey and Hong Kong, and also virtually. Information about the content may be found under Coaching and Training.

A few things you may like to know about our workshops:

  • Our audiences include:
  • People who want to learn a method for helping people on an individual basis to more effectively engage in and manage their conflict behaviours and disputes, such as coaches, mediators, HR professionals, leaders, ombudsmen, psychologists, lawyers/attorneys, social workers, academics, students of conflict management studies and law and union representatives;
  • We also have programs for collaborative family law lawyers and organizations who want to design and implement a conflict management coaching program;
  • Our training programs are rigorous, highly interactive and experiential. We limit the size of the groups to maximize learning and expect that participants come to the workshops to work hard and apply their learning as soon as possible.
  • CINERGY has an accreditation process for our trainers and coach-mentors to ensure quality training. They are experienced facilitators, versed in adult learning principles and with a strong commitment to participants’ skill development. We aim to provide the maximum amount of supervision throughout the skills practices in the workshops.
  • Participants receive Coaching Continuing Education Units (CCEUs) from the International Coach Federation, on completion of our Conflict Management Coaching Workshops. Whether or not you are a certified coach, this acknowledges that CINERGY has met standards and competencies of the international professional entity for professional coaches.
  • We also apply for recertification credits for HR professionals for our Conflict Management Coaching Workshop (U.S. and Canada).

Other Workshops

CINERGY also offers workshops:

  • For practitioners and others who want to strengthen their own conflict management foundations through our ConflictMastery™ program; and
  • For people who want to be certified in the Conflict Dynamics Profile®.

Not only the development of the CINERGY model itself but also, our training programs are based on input from those who attend. CINERGY has worked hard to ensure that the training experience meets the needs of its participants. We continue to consider our participants’ ideas and recommendations.

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