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Conflict Management Coaching Workshop (Advanced)

The Conflict Management Coaching Workshop (Advanced) expands on the CINERGY Conflict Management Coaching Workshop by teaching CINERGY Certified Coaches (Dispute Specific) to coach clients to develop and improve their conflict competence.

In addition to teaching participants to coach individuals to enhance conflict responses that preclude effective conflict management, the Conflict Management Coaching Workshop (Advanced):

  • demonstrates how the Conflict Dynamics Profile®* may be used as a coaching tool;
  • provides opportunities for participants to gain increased insights into your own conflict management competence and be coached on specific reactions; and
  • helps participants consider how your own conflict responses impact on the development of your conflict management coaching skills

*For more information on the Conflict Dynamics Profile®, go to


Advanced Coaching Management Coaching Workshop Prerequisites

  • Complete the CINERGY Conflict Management Coaching Workshop(Dispute Specific).
  • Be a CINERGY Certified Conflict Management Coach (Dispute Specific). If candidates are not CINERGY certified they are required to practice the dispute specific model at least 5 times, one of which is with a CINERGY assessor (arranged through CINERGY offices) at the assessor’s fee (please inquire for current fees).
  • Complete the Conflict Dynamics Profile – Individual (the cost of the CDP-I is included in the cost of the workshop).

Graduates of this program receive a Certificate of Attendance.


To obtain a CINERGY Certificate in Conflict Management Coaching (Advanced) participants are required to participate in a two hour Competency Assessment within 12 months of the Advanced Workshop and meet the required competencies (Advanced). Please inquire about current fees.

International Coach Federation (CCE)

Participants receive up to 30.5 Continuing Coaching Education Units (21.75 for Core Competencies and 8.75 for Resource Development) as approved by the International Coach Federation.

**To obtain further information, please contact Cinnie Noble or her assistant, Laureen McNeill:

Phone: 416-686-4247
Toll free: 1-866-335-6466
Fax: 416-686-9178

Workshops may be coordinated in your workplaces and cities.

If you are interested in attending an Advanced workshop please let us know and we will keep you informed of any upcoming dates.



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