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Fear of Conflict

One reason we avoid conflict is due to fears we are experiencing. Examples are the fear of losing things we value such as face, control,  the relationship, self-respect, our reputation, hard won success, and something else important to us. We … Continue reading

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Let Sleeping Dogs Lie

When it comes to some interpersonal conflicts the expression let sleeping dogs lie may be used to mean “to leave things as they are; especially, to avoid restarting or rekindling an old argument; to leave disagreements in the past”. Certainly … Continue reading

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Fears about Tears

When some of us get upset we cry. It’s just what happens. Crying is considered by some to be gender and sometimes culture specific. However, in my coaching work I have seen both men and women from a wide range … Continue reading

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Standing up for ourself

Sometimes during conflict we lose our confidence and composure. We may become plagued with self-doubt and feel we are not able to stand up for ourselves. We back down at these times and give in to the other person. We … Continue reading

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Conflict Jitters

When we expect that an interaction is likely to be contentious, the chances are that many of us get the jitters.  We worry about what the other person may say or do, how we will cope, whether things will get … Continue reading

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