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Training in Conflict Management Coaching

In the development of our specialized coaching model, we tested its stages on prospective ‘clients’, from a wide range of backgrounds and contexts. They provided their feedback on what worked and what didn’t work and their input helped us to ultimately formulate the methodology.

In a similar way, we at CINERGY looked to experienced trainers and practitioners to pilot our workshops. We wanted to ensure that adult learning principles were appropriately applied. Also, we aimed to ensure our training is dynamic and highly experiential – as to provide sufficient opportunity for participants to practice the model and learn its uses and applications. Again, the input of these people assisted us in the development of our workshops that are conducted worldwide and by teleclass.

CINERGY provides training to a range of coaches, mediators, lawyers, psychologists, social workers, and others. We also continue to test and pilot each training program in the same way.

Our current list of workshops is as follows:

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