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Coaching and Conflict Management Organizations

Coaching Organizations

Association for Coaching

Registered in England and Wales, the Association for Coaching (AC) aims to run and operate an ethical and responsible association for members. The framework on which AC bases its objectives incorporates seven core values: high standards; integrity; open; responsive; client focused; educational; and progressive.

Coach U and Corporate Coach U

Coach U is a leading global provider of coach training programs and is accredited by the International Coach Federation. Cinnie is a graduate of Coach U.

International Association of Coaching

The International Association of Coaching (IAC) is an independent, global coach certifying body, whose mission is to inspire the ongoing evolution and application of universal coaching standards. IAC’s vision is to advance coaching to the highest standards of universal excellence.

International Coach Federation

The International Coach Federation (ICF) is the largest worldwide resource for business and personal coaches. The ICF is a non-profit membership organization formed by coaching professionals worldwide and its purpose is to advance the art, science and practice of professional coaching. The ICF builds, supports and preserves the integrity of the coaching profession by providing a range of programs, by promulgating standards for certifying coaches and accrediting coaching schools and courses and by promoting terms of ethical conduct of coaches. Cinnie served on the Board of the International Coach Federation’s Toronto Chapter and as the co-host of the global International Coach Federation’s Community of Practice on Conflict Management Coaching for 8 years.

Peer Resources

Based in British Columbia, Canada, Peer Resources is a non-profit educational corporation. Among many other things, this entity publishes one of the most extensive newsletters on peer, mentor and coach systems in Canada.

Conflict Management Organizations

ADR Institute of Ontario

The ADR Institute of Ontario Inc. is one of six affiliates of The ADR Institute of Canada, Inc., a non-profit organization that shares information and promotes ideas for continuous improvement and upgrading of Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) as a profession.

Asia-Pacific Mediation Forum

The main objective of the Asia-Pacific Mediation Forum (APMF) is to facilitate the exchange and development of knowledge, values and skills of mediation in any form including inter-cultural, interpersonal, inter-institutional and international, within and between the diverse countries and cultures in the Asia-Pacific region.

Association for Conflict Resolution

The Association for Conflict Resolution (ACR) is a professional organization dedicated to enhancing the practice and public understanding of conflict resolution. ACR represents and serves a diverse national and international audience that includes more than 6,000 mediators, arbitrators, facilitators, conflict coaches, educators and others involved in the field of Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR). CINERGY’s owner, Cinnie Noble, is the first chairperson of ACR’s Conflict Coaching Committee (part of the Workplace Section).

International Association for Conflict Management

The International Association for Conflict Management (IACM) was founded to encourage scholars and practitioners to develop and disseminate theory, research and expertise that is useful for understanding and improving conflict management in family, organizational, societal and international settings. The official journal of IACM is Negotiations and Conflict Management Research (NCMR). This publication focuses on theory and research on conflict and conflict management across levels and domains, including organizational, interpersonal and inter-group conflict, environmental conflict and informal third party intervention.

Mediators Beyond Borders

Mediators Beyond Borders is a non-profit, humanitarian organization established to partner with communities in troubled locations worldwide to support them to build their conflict resolution capacity for preventing, managing, resolving and healing from conflict. This partnership involves skilled volunteer conflict resolution professionals collaborating with local people on the design and implementation of sustainable peace building initiatives responsive to their needs, desires and cultures, and to the history of each conflict. MBB works in pre and post violence communities. This organization is not a first responder and is not prepared to intervene in the midst of violent crises.

Peacemakers Trust

Peacemakers Trust is a non-profit corporation whose purpose is “to create avenues to advance people’s knowledge and capacity to understand, prevent and address conflict fairly, effectively and peacefully”. Peacemakers Trust promotes research and education for practitioners, government and non-government officials and the public.

Peer Resources Network

The Peer Resources Network (PRN) is a membership-based service provided by Peer Resources, a non-profit, educational corporation, specializing in the development of peer, coach and mentor programs.

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