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2023 Conflict Resolutions

I hope you are looking ahead with hope and optimism! I realize, of course, that these sentiments aren’t and won’t be experienced by all of us – at home or globally. We have so much more work to do to make the world a better place.

As had been my tradition, I am sharing my conflict resolutions for each year. So, these are for 2023! Admittedly, many resemble those from 2022 – I’m still working on them!

  1. This year I will honour, hold dear and appreciate our differences.
  2. This year I will remain mindful that we all have lots of room in our hearts to love more and to love more deeply.
  3. This year I will cherish my family and my friends and colleagues even more and continue to tell them how grateful I am that they are in my life.
  4. This year I will listen more deeply – with even more curiosity, empathy and compassion, and with more kindness and more love.
  5. This year I will approach my interpersonal conflicts with humility, thoughtfulness, patience and openness. I will learn from my mistakes.
  6. This year I will be true to myself and acknowledge that others strive to be true to themselves, too.
  7. This year I will not judge others – and I will be kinder to myself and others.
  8. This year I will be grateful to those who teach me important lessons by, for instance, letting me know when I am not interacting with dignity and grace.
  9. This year I will reach out even more to those in need.
  10. This year I will do more to build peace – one person at a time.

Sending you and yours my warmest regards and may your 2023 be full of joy and peace and good health and love.

Cinnie Noble, CINERGY Coaching

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