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Webinar – Conflict Management Coaching: Coaching Clients Through the Chaos of Conflict

Below is some information on an upcoming webinar I thought you may be interested in, which I am presenting for the Virginia Chapter of the International Coach Federation. You can register at:


Conflict Management Coaching: Coaching Clients Through the Chaos of Conflict

CCEUs:  1 Core

When:  11/5/18, 7pm-8:30pm Eastern



When clients raise concerns about interpersonal conflicts they are experiencing in their professional and personal lives, many coaches find it challenging to know what coach-approach is optimal. Please join our webinar on November 5 when conflict specialist and certified coach Cinnie Noble will share her experience about what she discovered in her research and her coaching practice that helps clients through the chaos of conflict.

Cinnie will discuss her evidence-based CINERGY® model of conflict management coaching (also known as conflict coaching) specifically designed to help clients optimize their ability to engage in conflict and to do so with increased confidence and competence. Considering coaching, neuroscience and conflict management principles in the creation of this model, Cinnie will also share a coaching tool she created that works to increase clients’ insights and broaden their perspectives.

Coaches will learn what distinguishes this form of coaching from others and consider how three coaching competencies – planning and goal setting, establishing trust and intimacy with the client, and questioning skills –support its application.

Learning Objectives:

  • Understand how a linear coaching model facilitates the way through conflict for our clients.
    • Understand the principles that inform conflict management coaching and specifically the CINERGY® model.
    • Learn what distinguishes this form of coaching.

This course will address the following core competencies:

  • Establishing Trust and Intimacy With the Client
  • Powerful questioning
  • Planning and goal setting

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