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Conflict Resolutions for 2017

We at CINERGY® Coaching would like to wish you all the very best for 2017. May it be a peaceful, loving and joyful year for you and yours!

  1. This year I will remember we are all in this together.
  2. This year I will remain aware that I have a responsibility to do what is within my ability to make the world a more peaceful place.
  3. This year I will be grateful for those who teach me important lessons by letting me know when my actions and words do not align.
  4. This year I will be kinder to myself and others.
  5. This year I will not take myself too seriously.
  6. This year I will not judge.
  7. This year I will approach conflicts with humility and grace and remain true to myself.
  8. This year I will honour that others too want and need to be true to themselves.
  9. This year I will open my heart and mind wider and with more curiosity.
  10. This year I will celebrate our differences and take heart in the knowledge that we all have lots of room in our hearts to love more and to love deeply.

What are your conflict resolutions for next year?

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