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Nip it in the bud

The phrase “nip it in the bud” is apparently derived from the de-budding of plants. The earlier form of the phrase was “nip in the bloome [sic]” and was cited in a romantic piece by Henry Chettle in 1595. It … Continue reading

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Peeling back the onion

Interpersonal disputes are multi-layered and an onion is an apt metaphor to describe the many dimensions of conflict. An onion also reflects the many layers of the other person and of us. Our hearts and brains, our spiritual being, our … Continue reading

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Simmering signs

Over the years of interacting as a child in our families of origin and schools and then as an adult in our work and relationships, we develop views about the sorts of things that are acceptable and unacceptable actions, words, … Continue reading

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Picking Up the Conflict ‘Vibes’

Conflict mastery is not only about engaging effectively in a conflict once it has evolved. It also entails picking up ‘vibrations’ that may signal dissension with or from another person and addressing the dynamic at the time. It is a … Continue reading

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