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Fed Up!

The expression “fed up” has several meanings. One source states: “To have had more than enough of something or someone, or to be bored with or tired of the same.” The same source says that the expression dates back to the early 19th century when reportedly “the languid aristocracy were compared to farm animals that were force fed to make them plump for market”.

The phrase later became part of the general parlance in the late 19th century and was sometimes emphasized graphically in the extended forms ‘fed up to the eyeballs’, or ‘fed up to the back teeth’.

This week’s blog further explores this phrase – fed up – as it pertains to interpersonal conflict and more specifically referring to situations in which we have had enough of the other person’s antics or words, the situation itself, the impact of the interaction, and so on.

We get fed up for many other reasons when in conflict. These may include a sense of despair and disappointment – perhaps, realizing things are going nowhere, or deteriorating. Or we may feel we are saturated and that we no longer have the energy, time, resources, etc. to continue communications or even the relationship in some cases. The tension and seemingly unsolvable issues and dynamic also lead to such a feeling.

Bringing to mind a situation or person about which you are fed up will help answer the questions below.

  • How do you describe the expression fed up?
  • What is the situation with which you are fed up?
  • And/or what is the other person doing or saying that contributes to you feeling fed up?
  • In what way(s) does your definition apply to what you are experiencing (if you have not answered this above)?
  • How did things get to the point that you are fed up?
  • If you were to compare the feeling of being fed up in this situation to what happens if you overreact or have had too much of certain foods, what would that feeling be?
  • How else may that analogy resonate (as it applies to the feeling of being fed up in your interpersonal conflict)?
  • If you are wanting to feel less fed up regarding food, what do you typically do?
  • In what idiomatic ways may that technique be used in the interaction with which you are fed up?
  • What are you thinking now about the interaction that is different from when you began this series of questions?

What other ConflictMastery™ Quest(ions) may you add here?

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