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Preparing for that Dreaded Conversation

  “By failing to prepare you are preparing to fail.” Benjamin Franklin Being spontaneous in many aspects of our lives can be fun and interesting. However, being spontaneous when it comes to difficult conversations – not so much. Preparing for … Continue reading

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Olive Branch – A Symbol of Peace

A friend of mine – I’ll call him Max – recently had a disagreement with his sister, and he was agonizing to me about it and how to mend things. When he was brainstorming how to get her to talk … Continue reading

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Preparing for a Conflict Conversation that the Other Person Initiated

Preparing to respond to another person’s initiation of a conflict conversation can be an art and science, just as it is when we are the initiator. You may not have thought of conflict conversations as being either an art or … Continue reading

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Conflict Resolution Readiness

So often we embark on a difficult communication or react to a conflict situation by trying to discuss it, before we or the other person are ready. Anxiety to resolve the issues, a desire to get past the high emotions, … Continue reading

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