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Get Over Yourself

There are times when we are in a conversation with another person that we take the ‘high road’. This shows up in a number of ways and today’s blog looks at the ill effects such an approach can have. We … Continue reading

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Mending Fences

Some research on the expression “mending fences” indicates that the derivation is from the proverb “Good fences make good neighbours”. It is apparently listed by the Oxford Dictionary of Quotations as a mid-17th century idiom. My source states that Robert … Continue reading

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Fleeing When In Conflict

One of the ways many of us deal with interpersonal conflict as soon as we get a whiff of it or it begins to evolve is to take flight. We may want to rise above it and just get away … Continue reading

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Feeling Confused in Conflict

In the midst of conflict, it is common to feel confused – wondering what is happening and why, experiencing mixed emotions, feeling out of control or immobilized, and so on. At these times, we often don’t have a sense of … Continue reading

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Picking Fights

Sometimes we get into a cranky mood for no apparent reason.  Other times we get there because we have onerous things on our minds or we feel hurt by someone’s actions or words. Other times, obligations cause us stress and … Continue reading

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