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Conflict Resolutions for 2016

If you make New Year’s resolutions, won’t you also consider the “conflict resolutions” below?

  1. This year, I will be kinder to others and to myself, too.
  2. This year, I will accept the inevitability of interpersonal conflicts and see them as a healthy sign that there is something to be learned about the other person and myself.
  3. This year, I will try harder to listen humbly and deeply.
  4. This year, I will let go of hurts with grace and with compassion for the other person and myself.
  5. This year, I will be grateful for the lessons learned from the conflicts I experience and continue to apply them.
  6. This year, I won’t judge.
  7. This year, I will be more careful with others’ feelings.
  8. This year, I will do a better job of acknowledging and accepting our individual and collective humanness.
  9. This year, I will cherish my relationships even more.
  10. This year, I will do my best to bring peace to the world in whatever ways I can.

Warmest regards to you and yours, and may your 2016 be peaceful and wonderful in every way.


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