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Conflict Management Coaching For HR Professionals

We acknowledge that Human Resource professionals are constantly in the eye of conflict, as you strive to help staff members manage and resolve their interpersonal workplace disputes.  CINERGY’s® Conflict Management Coaching program for HR professionals is designed to provide HR professionals with an additional tool, in your efforts to assist others to gain conflict competence.

Conflict Management Coaching Program

CINERGY Coaching offers HR professionals a four-day program of study and practice.  The objectives are to:

  • provide a context for considering the nature of interpersonal workplace conflicts in your organization and the impact on HR professionals and the workforce
  • provide a working definition of conflict and the principles of conflict management coaching
  • teach HR professionals the theory and application of a model for coaching employees about workplace conflict and conflict behaviours
  • help HR professionals gain increased knowledge and skills to be effective at providing conflict management coaching
  • help HR professionals gain insights into your style of managing conflict, to be able to strengthen your own conflict management  competence

Methods Used in the Coaching Workshop

Through self-reflection, skill-building exercises, discussion, simulations, demonstrations and skills practices, participants develop and practice our unique model of conflict management coaching.

Program Participants

The training will be of specific interest to HR professionals, who want to learn the fundamentals of a model for helping others engage more effectively in interpersonal workplace conflict.

NOTE: Class size is limited, to maximize learning.

Human Resource Certification Institute (HRCI)

We apply to HRCI for recertification credit hours for all our Conflict Management Coaching Practitioner Workshops held in the U.S.

Human Resources Professionals Association

We apply to HRCI for recertification approval for all our Conflict Management Coaching Practitioner Workshops held in Canada.

CINERGY Coaching is based in Toronto, Canada and offers our dynamic, interactive conflict management coaching programs to HR professionals in North America and other parts of the world.

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