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Designing Conflict Management Coaching Programs

We at CINERGY® Coaching are aware of the high cost of poorly managed conflict. We realize how important it is to develop a conflict competent workplace, in which interpersonal conflict is viewed as an opportunity for staff to build and maintain relationships and to communicate creative ideas and differences in productive ways.

Whether as part of an existing or proposed Integrated (or Informal) Conflict Management System, or as a separate service offered by internal or external practitioners, CINERGY Coaching provides teleseminars on the design and development of conflict management coaching programs.


Some of the variables organizations consider in the teleseminars include:

  • the context for designing conflict management coaching programs
  • use of internal and external coaches
  • peer coaching and other options
  • conflict management coaching competencies
  • the nature and extent of the training required for internal coaches
  • monitoring coaches’ progress and experiences
  • policies and procedures regarding confidentiality and other factors
  • marketing/promoting conflict management coaching within the organization
  • measuring the success of the conflict management coaching program

Our Experience

CINERGY Coaching has had extensive experience as a consultant on the design and development of conflict management coaching programs. For example, from 2004-2009 CINERGY’s owner, Cinnie Noble, was the consultant on the development of the Conflict Management Coaching Program at the Transportation Security Administration (TSA), a division of Homeland Security. This dynamic program exists as an integral part of TSA’s Integrated Conflict Management System and Office of Collaborative Strategies’ Model Workplace Program. View an article on this program.

From October, 2012-2013 CINERGY Coaching was the Consultant for the United States Air Force on the design of their conflict management coaching program.

Consultation on Designing and Developing Conflict Management Coaching Programs

CINERGY Coaching provides consultation on an hourly basis, by telephone or in person, on the design of conflict management coaching programs. Consultation depends on each organization’s specific needs and plans. Topics may include some or all of those covered in the above teleseminars.


The workshop is conducted by teleseminar and will be of specific interest to Organizational Development consultants, ADR Directors/ Managers, Human Resource professionals, internal and external coaches and others who are in the position of deciding on the structure, policies, procedures and other variables relevant to introducing a concept for addressing interpersonal workplace conflict.

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